How to prepare yourself for making a great explainer video?

//How to prepare yourself for making a great explainer video?

How to prepare yourself for making a great explainer video?

Are you aware of the fact that 9 out of 10 customers claim that they would probably consider buying a product if there is a good explainer video associated with that product? These explainer videos which usually come in an animated form are an interesting way of presenting information about products and services. The best part is that creating a video like this is not difficult. Of course, you have to prepare yourself before you start a project like this. We will use this article to explain how you can do this.


Learn more about your target audience

This is the first advice because after all, you are doing this for the audience. So, take some time and analyze their personality and characteristics. Are you targeting an audience that is looking for entertainment of professionals who need professional help? By learning more about this, you will be able to find the best colors, images, voiceover, and script. In addition, you have to understand the problem they are trying to solve.



Don’t create something complicated

If you check the best explainer videos in the last few years, you will notice at least one thing that they have in common – they are simple. You don’t need to create a long story and a long video to explain how great your services and/or products are.





Choose a good video agency

The next step is to look for a video agency. Of course, some of you might have a video team, but most businesses don’t have a team like this. When selecting an agency, you must consider a few things like what kind of production they provide. Can they take care of the entire process? You should also check their uniqueness and innovativeness. Are they able to make unique explainer videos? Finally, check their previous work and see whether their videos can keep you interested.



Come up with a good script

The first thing that you should remember is that you can use a limited number of words in your explainer videos. Typically, you can use around 150 words in one minute. Create a script that will cover the problem, the solution, the mechanics of your products and a memorable call to action. Most businesses are making short 1-minute videos, but feel free to create longer videos (up to 3 minutes) if you feel that the video can be engaging to the end.


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